Lord Ram is a symbol of social harmony: Hari Narayan

Ranchi: Lord Shri Ram is a symbol of social harmony and the epic Ramayana is replete with numerous examples of it, said Hari Narayan, State Joint Bauddhik Pramukh of the Rashtriya Swyamsewak Sangh (RSS). Narayan was speaking at the Shri Ram Janki Sobha Yatra organized at the Sail City, New Pundag on Sunday. “Shri Ram is a symbol of social harmony. He accepted the hospitaliy of Sabri and also eat Ber which was half eaten by her. By embracing Hanuman who was a forest dweller and showing compassion for Nishadraj, he bridged the discrimination between the urban and the rural,” said Narayan. “He shunned all kind of social and caste discrimination and dedicated his entire life in making a Shrestha Bharat. So it’s unimaginable to even think of Shrestha Bharat without assimilating his principles in our own lives,” he added.

Lord Ram is a symbol of social harmony: Hari Narayan

The RSS leader said that it was imminent on part of the current and future generations to imbibe the values, virtues and character of Shri Ram. “It’s important for all to think and act only as and Indian, rising above our petty feelings. We need to cultivate the feeling of nationalism in our spirit. We need to act with dedication towards our nation. Only then can we will be able to preserve our Culture,” said Narayan.

The RSS leader said the country has completely immersed in the excitement of Ram Temple construction and people are working like Hanuman in making the long-awaited dream come true. Narayan said the current generation was lucky to be witness to construction of Ram Temple and from a common man to President of India are contributing towards it. The atmosphere during the Ram Janki Sobha Yatra at Sail City was electric and completely spiritual, with kids dressed as Lord Ram, Mother Sita, Bharat, Lakshman and Hanuman participating in the Yatra.

While spokesperson Rita Singh compered at the event, welcome speech was delivered by patron Nagendra Kumar. Pradeep Keshri delivered the thanks giving note. Sobha Yatra Committe secretary Vijay Mathur, secretary Vikrant Anand, besides members Anil Kumar, Vinod Singh, Priyadarshini, Aparajita, Vimla Pandey, Mrs Ranjana Keshri, Mrs Chhaya, Mrs Seema Singh, Mrs Chandra Rao and other members of the Daily City society were present on the occasion.

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