Out of 5244 corona patients only two are on ventilator

Ranchi, Rajkumar : Though second wave of corona pandemic is getting stronger but as far as severity is concerned presently, only two are on ventilator while remaining other recovering without ventilators.

Data available with government suggests, out of 5244 corona patients identified till April 4, 3800 are in home quarantine while 1444 are admitted in different hospitals. Out of 1444 in hospitals, 905 are in government run hospitals.

Out of 905 in government hospitals, two are on ventilators at Hazaribag and Dhanbad while 149 are undergoing treatment in ICU and 422 are on oxygen support. Number of patients undergoing treatment on normal beds is 332.

Among the 149 undergoing treatment in ICU, 115 are in Ranchi, 25 are in Bokaro, 8 in Dhanbad and one in Hazaribagh. Out of 422 in oxygen support, 199 in Ranchi, 16 in Dumka, 8 in Dhanbad, 7 in East Singhbhum and one in West Singhbhum.

In private hospitals, as many as 539 patients are undergoing treatment. There is no patient on ventilator in private hospitals. Number of patients admitted in ICU is 126. Out of 126 in ICU, 101 in Ranchi, 25 in Bokaro. In private hospitals of state, 249 are on oxygen support. Out of 249 on oxygen support, 242 are in Ranchi and seven are in Jamshedpur, Number of patients undergoing treatment on normal beds is 170 including 116 in Ranchi, 25 in Jamshedpur, 24 in Bokaro and 5 in West Singhbhum.