‘Donald Trump was laughing and joking’; inside the courtroom right before the guilty verdict

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‘Donald Trump was laughing and joking’; inside the courtroom right before the guilty verdict

Donald Trump's recent court hearings have generated a lot of talk about his possible 2024 presidential candidacy and have been nothing less than a reality show spectacle. As a result of his contentious Hush Money Trial verdict, Trump became the first former president to face criminal charges. Witnessed by a Daily Mail journalist, the scenario was characterized as intensely suspenseful, akin to watching a motion picture. Watchers saw Trump shake his head visibly in displeasure as the first of 34 judgments was announced.

Inside Donald Trump’s courtroom drama

Tension buzzed through the fifteenth floor of the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse as the former commander, just convicted, entered. In a sea of uncertainty, Trump's modest act of camaraderie came when his son Eric raised his fist and he gave it a fist bump in return. The plot revolves around the great drama that took place in the courtroom when the ex-president was found guilty of all charges pertaining to the falsification of corporate documents.

The 34 'guilty' convictions were like a ton of bricks, increasing the tension that had not existed before the jurors showed in. Earlier, Trump and his attorneys were exuding confidence while cracking jokes and laughing, but as 4:30 rolled around, their expressions changed significantly, revealing the immense weight of the situation.

Donald Trump’s reaction during the final ‘guilty’ verdict

Judge Juan Merchan declared aloud, "We the jury have reached a verdict." A moment ago, Daniel Bates, a writer from the Daily Mail who was seated inside the courtroom, noticed that Trump and his attorney, Todd Blanche, were chuckling merrily at the defense table. They had to conceal their faces because they were laughing and joking so much. Judge Merchan, however, warned everyone in the court to maintain composure and have "no outbursts" when the verdict was announced since she could sense the dramatic contrast between the joyful atmosphere and the upcoming, mind-blowing verdict.

‘Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty’

Throughout the courtroom, the foreman's unwavering "guilty" response could be heard as the clerk went over each count. Trump watched in horror as the guilty verdicts mounted up in front of him. Judge Merchan expressed gratitude to the jurors for their commitment and diligence. Blanche, Trump's attorney, made a valiant attempt to get the verdict overturned by claiming that Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney and self-described "fixer," was the only source of testimony used in the ruling.