'Who is Rahul Gandhi fighting in Kerala’: CM Vijayan on Wayanad contest

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'Who is Rahul Gandhi fighting in Kerala’: CM Vijayan on Wayanad contest

Marxist veteran and Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan poked fun on Monday at Congressman and sitting Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi for standing against Annie Raja of the CPI, a party that is a member of the opposition's INDIA bloc, in the constituency.

Vijayan took a jab at Rahul Gandhi, stating, "Rahul Gandhi is coming to Kerala to run against Annie Raja." She is a CPI national leader. During the Manipur unrest, she was branded as anti-national for vocally denouncing the misconduct of the BJP government. Her method of gathering information revealed the brutality of the Christian populace. What part did Rahul Gandhi play in that? Is he able to comment on that?

Vijayan attacked the establishment party for its alleged lack of dependability as he launched an election campaign in Wayanad, where senior CPI leader Annie Raja is running against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and BJP president K Surendran. Gandhi, he further asserted, is traveling to Wayanad to run against the Left Democratic Front (LDF).

Annie Raja was consistently visible at these nationwide demonstrations. But did we get to see Rahul Gandhi, the most significant Congress leader? Although they can choose who will run from where, the entire nation has talked about how improper that is. He continued, "Everyone is questioning his decision to come to Kerala but not to run directly against the BJP at the center."

Additionally, he attacked the Congress party for its leaders' defections to the BJP, which he claimed damaged the party's credibility at a time when secular forces were beginning to challenge the saffron party's hegemony in the nation.

Elections 2024 :

The Lok Sabha elections will take held in seven phases, with the first phase beginning on April 19. The Election Commission of India has announced assembly elections for Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and Odisha in addition to voting for the 543 Lok Sabha seats. Additionally, assembly by-polls for 26 open seats have also been announced.

On April 26, there will be a single phase of elections in the southern state, which has 20 Lok Sabha seats. June 4 is when the votes will be tallied.