After 2-day rescue op, six-year-old who fell in MP borewell found dead

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After 2-day rescue op, six-year-old who fell in MP borewell found dead

After more than 40 hours of multi-agency rescue work, the six-year-old child who had fallen into an open borewell in the Rewa area of Madhya Pradesh on April 12 passed away on Sunday, according to police. Subsequently, two senior Janpad Teonthar officials were suspended by Chief Minister Mohan Yadav for incompetence. At approximately 3 p.m. on Friday, Mayank Kol, who was playing near the border with Uttar Pradesh, fell into the open borewell, according to the police. According to an official, he was caught at a depth of about 40 feet.

Despite the involvement of the State Disaster Emergency Response Force, the National Disaster Response Force, and the local government in the rescue effort, the youngster was discovered unconscious on Sunday.

Water and rocky terrain caused us a lot of problems, according to NDRF deputy commander Prem Kumar Paswan.

Eight JCB machines were used to dig a parallel hole. Water emerged after more than 60 feet of excavation, forcing the rescue effort to be halted. We drilled to make a tunnel when the water was removed, but we encountered hard earth, so we dug by hand. When the rescue squad got to Mayank on Sunday at about 1:45 pm, he was not responding, he continued.

The CM tweeted on X, expressing sorrow at the passing, saying: "Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Teonthar and Sub Divisional Officer of Public Health Engineering, Teonthar have been instructed to be suspended."

He further offered ₹4 lakh ex-gratia from the Red Cross money to the child's family.