After Prashant Kishor, US expert predicts massive BJP victory in Lok Sabha elections

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After Prashant Kishor, US expert predicts massive BJP victory in Lok Sabha elections

With his recent prediction that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) can surpass its Lok Sabha election total (303 seats) because there isn't any serious dissent against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, political analyst Prashant Kishor has caused a social media controversy. Ian Bremmer, a well-known political scientist in the United States, has now forecast that the ruling party will probably garner the most seats ever.

Earlier previous week, Prashant Kishor declared that the BJP, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is returning to power with the "same or slightly better numbers". There isn't "widespread public anger" directed on the prime minister or his party, he claimed.

When asked for his assessment of the current Lok Sabha elections, Bremmer offered NDTV Profit a bullish assessment, estimating that the party may win between 295 and 315 seats. In total, the National Democratic Alliance won 336 seats, while the Bharatiya Janata Party swept to victory with 282 seats in 2014.

The BJP surpassed its total in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, securing 303 seats. The NDA is the only party to have surpassed 350 members overall since the Congress. In the Hindi heartland, the BJP's base of strength is what the Congress-led INDIA alliance seeks to weaken. In contrast, the BJP is focusing on the elusive "400" in an attempt to hold onto its seats in the western and northern regions of the country as well as gain additional seats in the southern regions of Telangana, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

In West Bengal, the BJP likewise intends to improve its 2019 ranking (18). Bremmer added, "There's not a lot of uncertainty about the Indian political system," according to NDTV Profit. "Modi is almost certainly going to win a third term on the back of pretty strong economic performance and consistent reform (and) that, in the grand scheme, is a very stabilising message," he told the television network.

Bremmer stated that the general election is the "only thing that looks stable and consistent" in terms of world politics. There is a great deal of macropolitical uncertainty at this time, and businesses do not see the direction that globalization is taking. Politics is becoming more and more integrated into the international economy; US elections, US-China relations, and wars are all major examples. These demands are more detrimental and are all poorly controlled. Actually, in terms of politics, the India election is the only thing that appears steady and predictable. He informed the channel that everything else seemed worrisome.