After being divorced for several years, Kiran Rao says she is still called Aamir Khan's wife

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After being divorced for several years, Kiran Rao says she is still called Aamir Khan's wife

Filmmaker Kiran Rao claims that despite being divorced for several years, people still ask her whether she is "Aamir Khan's wife." This is how she feels about that.

The couple Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan, who got married in 2005, broke up in August 2021. Having to correct people when they refer to her as "Aamir Khan's wife," Kiran discussed this in a recent interview with Zoom. Kiran has been busy promoting her forthcoming film Laapataa Ladies. "Everyone sees her as a wife or an ex-wife," she said, but she claimed that she would have "been depressed by being reduced to just a wife" if she had not had a "very strong sense of self."

"Perhaps they don't even recognize me by name."

Kiran Rao , who began her career assisting director on Lagaan (2001), a film directed by Aamir Khan, stated, "Even now, at the airport, I get asked this question all the time. They ask questions such as, "You are Aamir Khan's wife, right?" They may not even recognize my name, but I've grown used to the fact that they associate me immediately with Aamir. But I have to say it now: "Ex-wife." In all honesty, I don't care because I've always had a life of my own, friends, and interests that I genuinely worked hard to establish. It is crucial, in my opinion, for every married person to maintain their sense of self and distance.

'Being reduced to just a wife': Kiran Rao

The two have a son named Azad Rao Khan. Kiran Rao said, "It has always been simple to work with Aamir on Aamir Khan Productions (for Laapataa Ladies) since he is very open to feedback and views me as a creative partner. It gives me great comfort to know that even though I'm only seen as a wife or an ex-wife by everyone, I would have become depressed if I didn't have a strong sense of who I was. However, to be honest, I find it rather humorous.

Kiran Rao is in favor of Aamir Khan.

Kiran Rao made headlines recently when she responded to filmmaker Sandeep Reddy Vanga's remarks regarding Aamir Khan's movies. Her compliments went to Aamir for taking initiative and offering an apology for his "difficult" work. Additionally, she stated that Sandeep "should deal with Aamir man to man" rather than including her in the situation.

Kiran also discussed the broader misogynistic atmosphere in Hindi cinema, but she never specifically mentioned Sandeep's films in her interview with The Quint.