BJP will return to power in Assam in 2026 with over 100 seats: Himanta

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BJP will return to power in Assam in 2026 with over 100 seats: Himanta

In the 2026 assembly polls, the BJP-led alliance is expected to win at least 100 of the 126 seats in the state, according to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, who made this remark on Thursday. This would be the third straight term of the NDA administration in Assam.
In response to a motion of thanks on the governor's speech to the assembly, Sarma stated that his government's "Mission Basundhara" will grant land rights to almost 2.3 lakh indigenous people.

"We will form the government in 2026 with no fewer than 100 seats. Although my government has only been in office for three years, within that period many important decisions have been made. It's been Assam's golden age," he declared.
According to him, there was no unrest or movement at this time since people were focused on growth and advancement.
According to Sarma, the number of medical colleges increased from three to six during the Congress administration and to 25 during the BJP's.

More than seven thousand young people emerged from the woods and assimilated. In the last few years, the number of bridges spanning Brahmaputra has also more than doubled, and three more are about to begin building. "We welcomed those who wished to split Assam to the discussion table," he stated.
He also told the House that there were no deaths in the state last year from any kind of terror group, police, or Army.
The entire nation was talking about Sarma's hour-and-sixty-six-minute address, in which he claimed that his three years in office had "changed the future" of Assam.

In the 2021 assembly election, the NDA, led by the BJP, won 75 seats. AGP and UPPL, the BJP's partners, won nine and six seats, respectively, while the BJP secured sixty seats. The Congress had won 29, AIUDF had won 16, BPF had won 4, while CPI(M) had captured one seat in the opposition camp. A seat was also gained by the Raijor Dal.
"2,29,660 indigenous people who formerly held land pattas will receive them under Mission Basundhara. Among them, 1.95 lakh are our indigenous people, also known as SCs, STs, and OBCs. Approximately 30,000 come from the general public, according to Sarma.

In the 2021 assembly elections, the BJP-led NDA secured 75 seats. The BJP secured sixty seats, while its allies, the AGP and UPPL, secured nine and six seats, respectively. The opposition field included the Congress with 29, AIUDF with 16, BPF with 4, and CPI(M) with one seat cornered. Another seat was won by the Raijor Dal.
Mission Basundhara will provide land pattas to 2,29,660 indigenous people who were already in possession of the land. Among them, 1.95 lakh are our indigenous SC, ST, and OBC people. The general public makes up about 30,000 of them, according to Sarma.