Boeing 737 plane with 85 people on board skids off runway in Senegal

Image taken from Google.com

Boeing 737 plane with 85 people on board skids off runway in Senegal

Senegal's transport minister released a statement stating that a Boeing 737 carrying 85 passengers had gone off the runway at Dakar's airport, AP reported. The accident resulted in ten injuries. The TransAir-operated Air Sénégal flight, carrying 79 passengers, two pilots, and four cabin staff, was en route to Bamako, according to Minister El Malick Ndiaye. The remaining survivors have been put up in a hotel to rest, while ten individuals who were injured are being treated in the hospital.

Boeing 737 plane accident in Dakar

According to a nighttime video making the rounds on social media, the aircraft, which is emblazoned with the Transair airline's brand and is situated on grass, has its wing coated in foam that puts out fires. The validity of the video could not be immediately confirmed by HT.

What Dakar airport said?

An investigation into an incident involving a Boeing 737-300 owned by Transair that was chartered by Air Senegal is currently underway at the Blaise Diagne airport. As the aircraft prepared to take off for Mali, it skidded off the runway at approximately 0100 GMT (6:30am Indian time), the airport stated in a statement. At the airport, emergency procedures were triggered in order to evacuate travelers. The airport is now closed, but plans call for a reopening in the coming hours. "The airport is closed as of right moment. Within the next few hours, the airport is anticipated to reopen," the airport stated.

Multiple Boeing aircraft involved in incidents

184 passengers and six crew members from a Corendon Airlines Boeing 737 were evacuated when one of its tires exploded during landing at Gazipasa airport, according to a statement released by the ministry of transportation in Turkey on Thursday. The event happened on a German aircraft departing from Cologne. Thankfully, no casualties were reported despite the airplane landing on its nose. Following the emergency landing of a FedEx Express Boeing 767 cargo plane at Istanbul Airport on account of a defective front landing gear, this is the second incident at a Turkish airport in as many days. Once more, there were no reported casualties, and the crew disembarked the aircraft safely.