Calling Egypt's president the leader of Mexico, Biden denies memory loss

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Calling Egypt's president the leader of Mexico, Biden denies memory loss

In a hurriedly scheduled press conference on Thursday evening, resident Joe Biden made a strong, at times abrasive, attempt to refute reports that his acuity was deteriorating. Nonetheless, it's possible that the 81-year-old leader exacerbated his biggest election-year liability.

Calling reporters to the White House, the president emphasized that his memory was "fine" and expressed his displeasure at the portrayal of a "elderly man with a poor memory" made by a former US attorney appointed by Donald Trump, who is expected to be his opponent in 2024, during an inquiry into his handling of classified documents. Yet another high-profile mistake involving a foreign leader overshadowed a press conference when the president voiced legitimate fury over the invocation of his son's murder and provided a thorough overview of the Middle East war.

Biden erroneously identified Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as Mexico's leader toward the end of his speech. His political opponents quickly used the gaffe as more proof that Biden was unsuitable to serve, threatening to ruin his entire endeavor.

White House associates voiced indignation and displeasure, claiming that the attention being paid to Biden's tardiness only served to confirm their suspicion that the news media unfairly held Biden to a higher standard than Trump, who has also been known to mispronounce names, dates, and facts.

Even so, after repeatedly mispronouncing the names of European leaders during the campaign trail and turning down the chance to participate in a customary pregame interview prior to the Super Bowl, Biden's faux pas appeared to eliminate any chance of undoing the growing concern over his age and ability that had developed over the course of the previous week.

A damning Justice Department assessment on his handling of sensitive data on Thursday afternoon raised even more alarms, citing the president's "diminished faculties and faulty memory" even as it found no evidence to support criminal charges.

Biden disagreed with the portrayal made in the report by Special Counsel Robert Hur.

"As an elderly man with good intentions, I know exactly what the heck I'm doing. Since I became president, I have helped to rebuild this nation. In the Diplomatic Room, Biden told reporters, "I don't need his recommendation."

The report's conclusions, which stated that the president had given his ghostwriter access to classified material, were also contested by the president. He revealed a document he wrote to President Barack Obama about Afghanistan, saying it ought to have been classified as "private" rather than "secret." Any claim that Biden purposefully withheld secret information, he added, was "plain wrong."

The truth is that they came to the definitive judgment that I had broken no laws. In a nutshell, Biden stated. The Republican front-runner, Trump, is charged with a crime in four different cases. One of the cases claims that he stored secret material during his presidency and attempted to prevent the federal authorities from retrieving it. Biden made a contrast between Trump's actions and his cooperation with investigators.

According to Biden, "it wasn't out like in Mar-a-Lago, in a public place," alluding to the records that were discovered at Trump's Florida resort.

On Thursday, the special counsel report was the focus of Trump's campaign. The communications director for Trump's political action committee, Alex Pfeiffer, issued a statement saying, "If you're too senile to stand trial, then you're too senile to be president."