ChatGPT down for second time in a day, Perplexity and Claude also hit by snag

Image taken from Google.com

ChatGPT down for second time in a day, Perplexity and Claude also hit by snag

According to The Verge, OpenAI's chatbot ChatGPT went down for the second time on Tuesday. The inventor of the chatbot stated, "ChatGPT is unavailable for some users," in a status update. It further stated that the problem is being looked at by the team.

In addition to ChatGPT, the AI tools Claude and Perplexity were unavailable on Tuesday at the same time. A notice on the Claude website stated, "An error occurred in the Server Components render," according to the tech website TechCrunch. In production builds, the specific message is left out to prevent the disclosure of private information. This error instance has a digest property that can provide more information about the error's nature.

An X user responded to the ChatGPT outage by writing on the microblogging site, "Everyone coming to X to confirm chatgpt down." Another X user wrote, "ChatGPT is down, which means we are back to the middle ages."

According to AP, a group of current and past employees of OpenAI demanded on Tuesday that the business and other major players in AI defend the whistleblowing workers who identify safety concerns with AI technology. In an open letter released on Tuesday, tech companies were urged to strengthen their whistleblower safeguards so that scientists can voice concerns to the public and other parties about the creation of high-performing AI systems without fear of reprisal.

Daniel Kokotajlo, a former employee of OpenAI who departed the company earlier this year, claimed in a written statement that tech companies are racing to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI), or better-than-human AI systems, "disregarding the risks and impact of AI." "I gave up on OpenAI because I didn't think they would behave properly, especially as they pursued the development of artificial general intelligence. They, along with others, have adopted the "move quickly and break everything" mentality, which is contrary to what is required for technology this potent and so poorly understood," the author had stated.