China working hard to 'prevent' countries from attending Ukraine peace summit: Zelensky

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China working hard to 'prevent' countries from attending Ukraine peace summit: Zelensky

A growingly frustrated with China's strengthening relations to Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Beijing of collaborating with Moscow to sabotage a summit aimed at discussing his nation's peace blueprint.

On the fringes of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Zelensky informed reporters that Russia is trying "everything" to sabotage the mid-June summit by leveraging Chinese influence and its diplomats. Earlier, in her keynote address, the president of Ukraine urged Asian leaders to attend the summit in order to assist pave the way for the conclusion of Russia's conflict.

Zelensky stated on Sunday, "We want Asia to know what's going on in Ukraine." "We require the assistance of Asian nations. It is really necessary. Zelensky's remarks have not received an instant response from China.

Since last week, the Ukrainian president has increased the number of foreign trips he takes, coinciding with Russia's escalation of airstrikes and troop build-up along Ukraine's northeastern border. He hopes to win over international leaders, especially those from the so-called Global South, to the June 15–16 summit.

Zelensky stated that participation has been confirmed by more than 100 nations and 75 heads of state. The Ukraine conference is scheduled by Switzerland to coincide with the Group of Seven meeting that takes place in Borgo Egnazia, Italy.

According to Bloomberg News, China has indicated it will not be attending, while a number of the G-7 leaders intend to attend. President Joe Biden is not scheduled to attend. China is opposing China's encouragement of some countries to attend the summit, according to Zelensky.

As an alternative to Kyiv's quest for its own peace plan endorsed by the West, China and Brazil are proposing for an international summit recognized by both Russia and Ukraine to examine suggestions to halt the war. China's relations with Russia have come under scrutiny, according to the president of Ukraine, who claims that Beijing's backing of Moscow will prolong the conflict in his country.

China, he continued, is a country that breaches the UN Charter. You cannot claim to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine while also siding with it.