Elon Musk says having 7% country caps on employment-based green cards in US is ‘super racist’

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Elon Musk says having 7% country caps on employment-based green cards in US is ‘super racist’

Elon Musk recently called the US law's 7% nation cap on employment-based green card issuance "racist" on X. Since their installation in the 1960s, these caps have remained in place.

Per-country caps are numerical limitations that control the number of green cards granted to nationals of particular nations. Only a maximum of 7% of the 140,000 employment-based green cards that are authorized annually are awarded to citizens of a given nation. If there are more sponsored people from a certain nation than the 7% cap, a backlog is formed.

These national restrictions have resulted in massive backlogs, mostly for immigrants from China and India. In actuality, there are over a million Americans on waiting lists for green cards based on employment. Children and dependent spouses are among these individuals.

‘Super racist’

Musk has already remarked, "Yup, super racist," in a post that states, "Every month DoS shamelessly publishes cut off dates that separate Chinese and Indian born from Rest of the World."

In the comment section, several people agreed with Musk. One person said, "It looks like racism is deeply rooted in our society." Very racist. One person said, "Especially since Indians are all highly skilled professionals coming to fill mostly tech jobs that Americans can't or aren't qualified to do." Another user remarked, "America needs a new Lincoln because racial discrimination is getting worse." One added, "Due to the delay in my permanent approval—the first step toward obtaining a green card—I have to leave America with my family during the COVID-19 pandemic." Despite having a job contract, I was forced to remain in the US.

Racism is still pervasive throughout the world. However, why? One person asked, and another commented, "I'm shocked a country that can be so lax at its borders with such strict laws about legal immigration." Indians must wait a lengthy lifetime to be granted legal status in the United States. One user commented, "Set aside the green card or citizen ship; they won't even give them EADs for stability."