In Chicago, an Indian student from Hyderabad was attacked and stolen

Image taken from Google.com

In Chicago, an Indian student from Hyderabad was attacked and stolen

Four armed thieves attacked a Hyderabadi student near his Chicago home, causing injuries. The student, who was covered in blood, is shown on camera complaining that the burglars hit and kicked him and took his phone.
Concern has been raised by the attack, particularly in light of the fact that four students of Indian descent were discovered dead in the US this year.

The native of Hyderabad's Langar Houz, Syed Mazahir Ali, traveled to Indiana Wesleyan University in the United States to complete his master's program. Early on Tuesday morning (Central Standard Time), three of Mr. Ali's attackers can be seen pursuing him close to his Campbell Avenue home in Chicago, according to CCTV footage.

In a video, Mr. Ali is seen with blood pouring down his mouth, nose, and forehead. He says, "Four people attacked me." I was walking home holding a meal packet. The four individuals kicked and punched me after I slipped close to my residence. Please, buddy, assist me. Please assist me.

Shreyas Reddy Beniger, 19, a student at Ohio's Linder School of Business, was discovered dead last week. Although Shreyas's parents are from Hyderabad, he was traveling with a US passport. In this case, the authorities had ruled out foul play.

Neel Acharya, a student at Purdue University, was discovered dead earlier that week. A body, recognized as Acharya's, was discovered on the grounds of the university a few hours after his mother had filed a missing person's report.

On January 16, in Lithonia, Georgia, a homeless guy hammered Haryana native Vivek Saini to death.

Saini was an MBA candidate and part-time employee at a convenience store that provided sanctuary to a homeless guy. According to reports, the 25-year-old occasionally gave Julian Faulkner chips, water, and even a jacket. He allegedly refused to provide Faulkner free food on January 16, which prompted the homeless guy to strike him 50 times.

Another Indian student, Akul Dhawan, was discovered dead in January near the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The 18-year-old's parents filed a complaint, accusing the university's police department of carelessness and inactivity after he was reported missing, even though the post-mortem report stated that he had died of hypothermia.