International Yoga Day: PM Modi takes ‘post yoga’ selfie at Srinagar's Dal Lake

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International Yoga Day: PM Modi takes ‘post yoga’ selfie at Srinagar's Dal Lake

At Srinagar's Dal Lake on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated International Yoga Day by taking "post yoga" photos with other attendees.

PM Modi expressed his happiness with attendance and stated there was "unparalleled vibrancy" at the event. Modi posted on X, sharing photos, "Share your yoga selfies from Srinagar! Unmatched liveliness in this location at Dal Lake.

At the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC) in Srinagar, Modi observed the tenth International Yoga Day. To commemorate the day, ministers, people, and organizations from all across the world practiced yoga together. "On International Yoga Day, I have had the privilege of coming to Kashmir, the land of yoga and meditation," the Prime Minister said in a speech at the ceremony. We are sensing the power of yoga here in Srinagar. "On this International Yoga Day, I extend my congratulations to everyone in the nation and to those practicing yoga throughout the world, including those in Kashmir."

Modi emphasized the value of yoga for people's well-being once more. He made the following observation: "We may have a beneficial influence on the world when we are at peace within.Yoga is creating new avenues for constructive social transformation." Modi emphasized that yoga has evolved into a tool for promoting India and luring tourists to the nation, saying, "We are seeing yoga tourism in states like Kerala and Uttarakhand. Travelers are drawn to India in order to witness true yoga.

To commemorate Yoga Day, thousands of yogis all around the world spread out their mats and took part in yoga classes. The UN proclaimed June 21 to be International Yoga Day in December 2014 after realizing the popularity of yoga around the world. In the UN General Assembly, a record 175 member states endorsed India's request for this day.