Iran attacks Israel with drones and missiles

Image taken from Google.com

Iran attacks Israel with drones and missiles

Late on Saturday, Iran attacked Israel with missiles and drones. According to a statement from Israel's Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the Iranian dictatorship dispatched a vast swarm of over 200 killer drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. Iranian drones have been shot down by US, UK, and Jordanian military. US President Joe Biden has pledged "ironclad" defense of Israel from Iranian aggression.

To get an update on Iran's actions against Israel, my national security staff and I recently met. On X (previously Twitter), Joe Biden stated, "Our commitment to Israel's security against threats from Iran and its proxies is ironclad."

Why Iran has attacked Israel

Iran and Israel had been harboring simmering tensions during the Israel-Hamas conflict. Iran has been participating in proxy warfare by arming Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon, who have frequently conducted attacks into Israel. Iran now claims that Israel recently assassinated its diplomats in the Damascus embassy, prompting a frontal attack. On April 1, an attack killed many officials, including a senior commander of the Quds Force, the abroad branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, when they were having a meeting in the grounds of the Damascus embassy. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the top leader of Iran, took responsibility for the death of an Iranian official and pledged to exact retribution on Israel. Israel "must be punished and shall be" for an action, according to Khamenei, that amounted to an attack on Iranian territory.

Israel didn't say if it was involved in the attack or not. Iran said today that "Israeli crimes" were the reason behind the strike. The Iranian envoy to the UN claims that Iran has warned the US to "stay away" and that it will react far more forcefully should the Israeli state commit another mistake. It declared that the case should be deemed settled.

The UN Security Council will convene urgently

Amidst the unprecedented drone and missile onslaught on Israel by Iran, the UN Security Council is scheduled to convene an emergency meeting on Sunday. The Iranian attack on Israel has been denounced by a number of nations. Nations that have committed to supporting Israel's security include Britain and France.