Kangana Ranaut mistakes satirical post on anti-cheating bill to be about relationships, deletes it later

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Kangana Ranaut mistakes satirical post on anti-cheating bill to be about relationships, deletes it later

The anti-cheat bill, in Kangana Ranaut's opinion, is "for the safety of young vulnerable women." In her since-deleted Instagram photos, she discussed everything in great detail.

A satirical post about the recently passed Anti-Cheat Bill was re-shared by actor Kangana Ranaut. The Lok Sabha approved the bill earlier in February in an effort to stop cheating and other unfair exam-taking practices. It was given a twist by the satirical post that Kangana shared, which discussed romantic cheating.

Kangana believed the satirical post to be true

On Sunday, Kangana turned to Instagram Stories to refer to the humorous Anti-Cheat Bill post as "the most needed bill," mistaking it for "real news." She also made fun of "star wives," saying they ought to be grateful to the government for the bill. But hours later, she removed her posts. "Ahem ahem, welcome to Ram Rajya, all-star wives can thank this government (three heart faces and folded hands emojis)," Kangana wrote in a screenshot she shared of the satirical text.

Kangana discusses the "most needed bill"

The actor continued, "In the age of dating and hookup apps, behaving immoral, frivolous, inconsistent, and simply perverted has become cool. Some remand in jail and fine in crores should fix the urge of tinger and ginger." This bill was critically needed for the safety of young, vulnerable women who fall for the false promises of marriage as well as for the sanctity of the institution of marriage.

What topic was the satirical post about?

The original text stated, "The Lok Sabha recently passed the Anti-Cheat Bill, signaling a significant shift in the legal landscape surrounding relationships in India." This was a historic action. If someone is found to be cheating in a relationship, the law imposes harsh punishments, including a heavy fine of one crore rupees and a severe 10-year prison sentence. This action is a response to rising awareness of the negative effects of infidelity on mental health and attempts to address issues pertaining to the emotional health of those in romantic relationships.

The disclaimer, "This is NOT real news," was also included. This entire post is satire. This is merely a post for your amusement. Please get in touch with me if you want to remove your mention above.

Regarding the Anti-Cheat Bill itself

The types of unfair examination practices that, once implemented, are punishable by law are listed in the Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Bill, 2024, along with the associated penalties. This bill stipulates that anyone found guilty of using unfair methods or committing offenses shall be penalized with a fine of up to ten lakh rupees in addition to a minimum sentence of three years in jail, with the possibility of a five-year sentence.

According to the draft bill, anyone found guilty of violating this act will face a minimum sentence of three years in prison, a maximum sentence of ten years, and a fine of one crore rupees if an investigation reveals that the offence was committed with the approval or complicity of any director, senior management, or the people in charge of the service provider firm.