King Charles addresses ‘hand of friendship’ in Maundy Thursday message ahead of Easter

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King Charles addresses ‘hand of friendship’ in Maundy Thursday message ahead of Easter

King Charles III, who fought a life-or-death struggle with cancer-stricken Princess Kate Middleton on Maundy Thursday, highlighted the importance of deeds of goodwill.

His first public speech since his daughter-in-law disclosed her chemotherapy treatment was given verbally during the Royal Maundy Yearly service at Worcester Cathedral in England. The public had been wondering about the princess's health for the last three months or so, so she finally revealed her illness.

Charles was receiving cancer treatment at the same time, so Queen Camilla's own grace would take over as Maundy gift giver for him.

The King has chosen to keep a lower public profile since his recent hospital discharge. The royal family has noticed this decision as Queen Camilla steps in for the King at important royal functions.

However, carrying on to the approaching Easter Sunday, King and Queen will attend the church service together, marking the Queen's most notable public appearance since her diagnosis was revealed.

"The Initial Course"

Maundy Thursday Since Thursday was first recorded in the year 600, it has been observed as a holy day commemorating the events that were to occur as Easter draws near. On Holy Thursday, people remembered the deed of service that Jesus carried out during the Last Supper—washing his disciples' feet.

"The First Lesson" from John's Gospel opens a statement Charles recorded along with the service. He then apologizes for not being able to attend in person but expresses how much he appreciated the service.

Its genesis lies in the life of Our Lord, who, to the amazement of his followers, humbled himself before them and washed their weary feet after journey. And as we've just heard, he purposefully provided them and the rest of us with an example of how to treat and look out for one another while doing so.

We are fortunate to have access to so many various services in this nation that are provided for our welfare. But more than these institutions and their devoted employees, we really need and gain a lot from people who offer us friendship, especially during difficult times.

Reiterating his vow at coronation to serve with all of his heart, Charles congratulated Maundy money recipients, praising their outstanding commitment to volunteerism.

In keeping with the King's age distribution, Queen Camilla will ceremoniously divide the Maundy money into two purses, one crimson and the other white, among 75 men and 75 women.

Notably, Charles' message, which was recorded in the middle of March, avoided directly mentioning either his or Catherine's poor condition in favor of concentrating on the timeless themes of friendship and service.