Lone Congress LS member from Jharkhand Geeta Kora joins BJP

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Lone Congress LS member from Jharkhand Geeta Kora joins BJP

The only member of the Congress Lok Sabha from Jharkhand, Geeta Koda, joined the BJP. She wants to back PM Modi's agenda and accused the Congress of playing politics of appeasement.

Ranchi: On Monday, Geeta Koda, the only Congress member from Jharkhand to serve in the Lok Sabha and one of the party's five acting state presidents, became a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

In the run-up to the 2019 general election, Koda and her husband, the former chief minister Madhu Koda, entered the Congress and won the Chaibasa (West Singhbhum) Lok Sabha seat. They are both accused of money laundering and possessing disproportionate assets.

With the exception of Chaibasa, which was won by Kora, and Rajmahal in the Santhal Parganas division, which was won by JMM's Vijay Hansdak, the NDA won 12 of the 14 Lok Sabha seats in Jharkhand in 2019 (the BJP won 11 and ally AJSU won 1). Chaibasa, Rajmahal, Dumka, Lohardaga, and Khunti are reserved for scheduled tribes.

The Ho tribal subgroup, to which the Kodas belong, dominates the west Singhbhum district in the Kolhan division. As a result of Koda's party membership, the BJP may have sway over the Ho community. The family's stronghold of Chaibasa is ready to field Koda.

When asked why she left the Congress party, Koda stated that the organization was using appeasement tactics.

"The nation is in ruins because of the Congress. All that the Congress does is politics of appeasement. Although they say they want to include everyone, the truth is that they just have family and don't care about anyone else. Staying with the party that cares the least about people is pointless. I have made the decision to work for the BJP in the future. I would help in whatever way the party needed me to. will help Prime Minister Modi realize his goal of making India a "Vikshit Bharat," Koda stated.