Mamata Banerjee dances with tribals in West Bengal's Jalpaiguri

Image taken from Google.com

Mamata Banerjee dances with tribals in West Bengal's Jalpaiguri

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, was spotted dancing with tribal people in the Jalpaiguri district while she was there to assess the situation after a storm.

Mamata Banerjee was seen dancing with tribal women in a video released by the news agency ANI. The women flanked her on all sides and tried to time her moves to match theirs. She converses with the women as the film goes on, with men playing drumbeats in the background to accompany the tribal music. She even tries her hand at playing the drums toward the end, as seen in the video.

Mamata Banerjee visited cyclone victims at the Jalpaiguri Super Specialty Hospital on Sunday night after the storm's devastation on Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. In Jalpaiguri town and the surrounding environs, the unexpected storm and intense rain wrought devastation, leaving over 200 people homeless and at least five people dead.

She posted on social networking site X, saying, "Sad to know that sudden heavy rainfall and stormy winds brought disasters with house damages, injuries, and loss of life today afternoon in some Jalpaiguri-Mainaguri areas, including uprooted trees and electricity poles."

LS polls: Constituency of Jalpaiguri

The constituency, which includes one in Cooch Behar and six assembly seats in the Jalpaiguri district, will go to polls in the first phase of the Lok Sabha election on April 19.

According to news agency PTI, the main populations of Jalpaiguri include Koch Rajbongshis (about 30%), tribals (over 10%), Nepali speakers (around 4.5%), Hindi speakers (almost 3%), and Limbu (1.9%). The remaining people are made up of Muslims, Hindus, and other groups.

Candidates from the BSP, SUCI(C), and Kamatapur People's Party (United) are included in the political spectrum, demonstrating a variety of political involvement.

Historically, Congress dominated the district until 1971, when CPI(M) took charge, and until 2009, when TMC assumed power. The BJP made a claim to the seat in 2019. The BJP's Jayanta Kumar Roy, the current MP, emphasized throughout his reelection campaign that he was working to advance his constituency in spite of challenges and barriers to state collaboration.

Roy, a physician, is an advocate for the district to open a "super-speciality hospital" to cater to patients who need to go outside of the state for urgent care.