Nafe Singh murder: Who is Kapil Sangwan, gangster who claimed responsibility on Instagram for the crime?

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Nafe Singh murder: Who is Kapil Sangwan, gangster who claimed responsibility on Instagram for the crime?

New Delhi: The Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) Haryana unit president Nafe Singh Rathee was killed, and the police are looking into the possibility that Kapil Sangwan, also known as Nandu, a wanted mobster with UK roots, was involved. In Jhajjar's Bahadurgarh, the politician and his accomplice Jai Kishan were shot and killed on Sunday.

Who is Kapil Sangwan?

The 32-year-old Kapil Sangwan is from Najafgarh in Delhi. He is wanted in eighteen instances involving offenses in Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan, including murder, attempted murder, extortion, robbery, and the arms act.
Before going into the realm of crime, Kapil Sangwan had left his hotel management degree in Manesar, Haryana. A reward of ₹2 lakh has been announced by the police for his apprehension.

Why did he allegedly kill Nafe Singh Rathee?

On social media on Wednesday, Kapil Sangwan took ownership of the killings of Kishan and Nafe Singh Rathee.

The social media post said that Rathee was good friends with Manjeet Mahal, Sangwan's rival criminal. The post, which purports to show Nafe Singh Rathee shaking hands with Manjeet Mahal, is being verified by the Haryana police.

Mahal and Sangwan are rivals because the latter is said to have killed the former's brother-in-law.

According to PTI, Sangwan is suspected of killing Mahal's father, Shri Krishna, in 2017. Sangwan stated in the post that Rathee had helped Mahal kill his brother-in-law Sunil.

Anyone who aided my adversaries would be met with reprisals. Bahadurgarh is aware of the quantity of individuals Rathee killed and kidnapped during his rule. He said that due of his power, nobody could speak up.

According to PTI, which cited a Delhi police officer, Sangwan's older brother Jyoti Prakash, also known as Baba, who is incarcerated in Tihar, gave him the order to exact retribution.

2014 saw Kapil Sangwan enter the criminal world as he was charged with extortion by the police. He was charged with robbery in Jind, Haryana, that same year.
2016 saw Sangwan's arrest in Rajasthan. He was charged with MCOCA in 2019 by the Delhi Police Special Cell.

After being granted release and leaving prison in 2020, he went to the United Kingdom. He obtained a bogus passport from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, according to the police source cited by PTI, and he escaped to Dubai via Thailand. Later, he made the UK his home.

Nafe Singh Rathee's two sons have been receiving threats from an unidentified number. The caller begged them not to discuss the murder with the media. An mysterious caller threatened them eighteen times.

The deceased's nephew Kapoor Singh Rathee added, "The caller also sent us a picture of a weapon which he claimed he will use to eliminate the family if we do not stop talking to the media."