Navy rescues 23 Pakistan crew from hijacked Iranian ship

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Navy rescues 23 Pakistan crew from hijacked Iranian ship

On Friday, a 23-person Pakistani crew operating an Iranian fishing vessel that had been taken over was saved by the Indian Navy. According to a statement, the Navy conducted the 12-hour operation using "intense coercive tactical measures" to save both the ship and its crew.

The Indian Navy's specialized units were cleaning the Iranian vessel. Additionally, they are examining its seaworthiness. Later, the ship will be guided to its location so that it can carry out its routine fishing operations.

According to the Navy's announcement, on March 29, INS Sumedha intercepted the FV AI-Kambar, which was flying the Iranian flag. Later, the guided missile frigate INS Trishul joined it.

The Pakistani crew was saved, according to the Indian Navy, and the pirates on board were forced to surrender.

Following almost twelve hours of rigorous coercive tactics in accordance with standard operating procedures, the pirates occupying the seized FV were compelled to surrender. It stated that the crew, which included 23 citizens of Pakistan, had been safely recovered.

The Navy said that in order to transport the FV to a secure location where regular fishing operations can resume, Indian Naval specialist teams are currently performing extensive sanitization and seaworthiness inspections of the vessel.

The Navy announced on Friday that it was conducting a rescue mission for the ship that nine armed pirates had taken over.

At the time of the event, the fishing vessel was around 90 nautical miles southwest of Socotra.

The Socotra Archipelago is located close to the Gulf of Aden in the northwest Indian Ocean.

The Indian Navy declared that, "regardless of the nationalities," it is still dedicated to maintaining maritime security in the area and mariners' safety.

In the Indian Ocean Region, the Indian Navy has taken the lead in anti-piracy operations. The force would take "affirmative action" to guarantee a safer and more secure Indian Ocean Region, according to remarks made earlier this month by Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar.

The Navy has conducted anti-piracy, anti-missile, and anti-drone operations as part of maritime security operations; 110 lives—45 Indians and 65 foreign nationals—have been rescued during 'Op Sankalp' in that 100-day period, the Navy had stated on March 23.