PM Modi campaigns for Kangana Ranaut at huge election rally in Mandi; she welcomes him with a rose

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PM Modi campaigns for Kangana Ranaut at huge election rally in Mandi; she welcomes him with a rose

During his Friday visit to Mandi, Kangana Ranaut posted a number of photos on Instagram with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At a rally in the Himachal Pradesh seat, the BJP leader and contender for the Lok Sabha election of 2024 posed for a picture with Prime Minister Modi on stage. In one of the pictures, the politician-actor met the PM and gave him a red rose.

Kangana Ranaut poses with PM Modi

Kangana captioned the photos she shared, saying, "Pradhanmantri ji Mandi mein aapka swagat hai (Prime Minister, we welcome you to Mandi)." She was wearing a peach and cream saree with a Himachali cap.

Kangana lauds Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Kangana spoke during a public gathering prior to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's arrival in Mandi, when she conveyed her appreciation for the chance to serve as PM Modi's deputy. She also praised his contributions to the development of the nation.

"When Bollywood mocked my English and treated me like an outsider," Kangana remarked. "Then, I was chosen to work for the welfare of the people of Mandi by the largest party in the world, the Bharatiya Janata Party, and the largest leader in the world, Prime Minister Modi. A 'Pahadi Beti (Pahadi daughter)' was selected by them for this project. This gives us a sense of superiority and pride. On behalf of the women and people of Himachal Pradesh, I respectfully bow before our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi."

"Today is the day to work under PM Modi's guidance," she continued. Hailing Prime Minister "Modi is akin to holding up a candle to the sun. He has accomplished amazing technical and modern developmental works. As a party worker, I'm now a member of his team and dedicated to Mandi's progress."

As she wrapped up her remarks, Kangana stated, "I have won four National Awards based on my capabilities during both BJP and Congress tenures." She also declared her desire to take home the Parliamentarian Award of the Year. I promise that if I win these elections, I would present the Mandi people with the Parliamentarian Award of the Year in the inaugural year.