PM highlights Nehru's opposition to all forms of reservation in a letter to chief ministers

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PM highlights Nehru's opposition to all forms of reservation in a letter to chief ministers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted on Wednesday that Jawaharlal Nehru opposed all forms of employment reservations and that the Congress had always been against Dalits, tribal people, and people from backward classes.

A letter that previous Prime Minister Nehru had written to the chief ministers in response to a resolution of gratitude made by the Rajya Sabha regarding the President's speech was read aloud by Modi.

"This is how I interpret it: 'I don't like making reservations of any kind, especially for services.'" Prime Minister Modi said, "I vehemently oppose any measure that results in inefficiency and subpar standards."

"I claim that they were against reserve from the beginning because of this... "They would still be here now if the government had hired them then and given them periodic promotions," stated the prime minister.

Jawaharlal Nehru stressed the importance of empowering underprivileged communities by giving them access to top-notch education rather than reserving posts based on caste in a letter to chief ministers dated June 27, 1961. That's what PM Modi was hinting at.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi said that since the Congress never gave OBCs full reservation, it should not support social justice.

"The Congress, which never gave OBCs complete quota, never gave general category poor reservation, and it still only gave Bharat Ratna to Baba Saheb's family because it thought he wasn't deserving of it. They are currently lecturing us and teaching us about social justice.

Prime Minister Modi has used Nehru to criticize the Congress for the second time in three days.

Prime Minister Modi said in the Lok Sabha on Monday that Jawaharlal Nehru thought Indians were less bright and more lazy than Americans and Chinese people.

"Let me read to you what Prime Minister Nehru said from the Red Fort." "People in Europe, Japan, China, Russia, and America work harder than Indians do on average. According to Prime Minister Modi, "We don't work as hard as they do."

Not only did the previous prime minister note that Indians run from adversity, but PM Modi also mentioned that Indira Gandhi shared this viewpoint.