Priyanka Chopra spends her Sunday at the beach with daughter Malti Marie

Image taken from Google.com

Priyanka Chopra spends her Sunday at the beach with daughter Malti Marie

At the beach, Priyanka Chopra and her daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas experienced a unique and unforgettable Sunday. Malti was spotted running around and playing with sand in a recent video that the actor posted on Instagram. It was a beautiful moment captured on camera.

Priyanka's new Instagram video

Priyanka mixed together a couple of her beach videos to create the latest video collage. Malti was spotted wearing a sweet blue outfit and a pink bonnet. She reached down to touch and draw on the sand. She was also spotted running around the beach and using her fingers to play in the sand. Following her to keep her away from the sea's waves was Priyanka, who had chosen a white outfit and white cap. As the waves drew closer, the words "Mama Malti" were inscribed on the beach. A photo of them both sound asleep after a long day was shown as the film came to an end.

"Sundays like this (red heart and folded hands emoticons) grateful," Priyanka captioned the photo.

Fan reactions

One of the fans responded to the post by saying, "Such lovely memories! Furthermore, it is crucial that mothers engage in this conversation with their kids. "Enjoy every moment," a second admirer commented. Another remark said, "Her little run, I'm crying!"

On Instagram, Priyanka frequently shares unguarded moments from her everyday life. The star offers her followers an insight into her life as an actor and mother, whether it's through set visits with Malti or travels with Nick Jonas. Malti was spotted having fun with a mannequin on the set of The Bluff in a number of photos that Priyanka posted on her Instagram Stories last week.

Regarding her professional life, Priyanka's next project is the action-comedy Heads of State, in which Jack Quaid, John Cena, and Idris Elba play major roles. She also said that she will be working as a producer on a new movie with Barry Avrich's feature documentary production team, Born Hungry.