Pune woman arrested for dangling from top of building for Instagram Reel

Image taken from Google.com

Pune woman arrested for dangling from top of building for Instagram Reel

An unsafe stunt in which the woman hanged from a building's top for a video has resulted in her and her friend's arrest by Pune police. It was revealed that the two were 27-year-old Mihir Gandhi and 23-year-old Salunkhe. Someone else was recording the video and they're running away.

Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station tracked down the pair, as per an IANS report, following widespread internet outcry over a video of their risky prank. With Gandhi resting on the roof, Salunkhe is seen in the video hanging from the top of a tall structure. 

Due of the Pune couple's decision to risk their lives for social media influence, the Reel went viral and provoked criticism. Additionally, they received criticism from hundreds of people for leading by example in an era where risky social media stunts are increasingly common.

A lot of people on social media asked Pune Police to prosecute Gandhi and Salunkhe after the video became popular. "We initiated investigations and were able to locate them after learning about the video. They received an arrest warrant after being called to the police station late last night. Senior Inspector Dashrath Patil of the Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station told IANS, We have charged them under IPC Section 336 and others."

However, Patil stated that since the offense is small and only entails a jail sentence of less than six months along with a fine, or both, the two will not be sent to custody. He continued by saying that the third participant in the prank is still being sought after; he recorded the entire incident with his cellphone.