Rajiv Gandhi assassination case: India deports three ex-convicts to Sri Lanka

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Rajiv Gandhi assassination case: India deports three ex-convicts to Sri Lanka

On Wednesday, India sent Murugan, Robert, and Jayakumar—ex-convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case—back to Sri Lanka. Following the issuance of their passports and approval from the Sri Lankan government, the three former prisoners were sent back from Chennai airport, according to news agency ANI. Robert, Jayakumar, and Murugan were residing at the Trichy refugee camp in India.

Nalini, Murugan's wife and a prisoner in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, arrived at the Chennai airport to bid him farewell. On November 12, 2022, Nalini and Murugan were freed from custody as a result of a Supreme Court ruling.

To get her husband Murugan's permission to be interviewed at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Chennai, Nalini petitioned the Madras High Court in March. She was hoping for an order from the Central and State governments. She said that during the interview, Murugan expressed a desire to get a passport so they could move to the UK and settle down with their kid. She also asked the court to direct the police to provide sufficient security if needed in the petition.

Nalini said that although the Supreme Court had freed all seven of the individuals, her husband Murugan, a Sri Lankan national, had been detained in a special camp in the Trichy region of Tamil Nadu.

In the petition, Nalini stated that she wished to move in with her London-based daughter. She added that on January 30, 2024, Murugan and Nalini had been contacted for an interview after submitting applications for passports that would allow them to travel to any country. She stated that the interview procedures had been completed, but when the Sri Lankan Consulate called to schedule the appointment, her husband Murugan was unable to attend.

Nalini stated that unfavorable conditions in the Trichy refugee camp were the reason for two deaths in a month. Before anything happened to her husband, she pleaded with the court that she wanted to go to London and be with her daughter.