Sheikh Shahjahan arrested: Trinamool credits Abhishek Banerjee, BJP dubs it scripted

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Sheikh Shahjahan arrested: Trinamool credits Abhishek Banerjee, BJP dubs it scripted

Case of Sandeshkhali violence: Sheikh Shahjahan was taken into custody today on charges of allegedly raping women and stealing land in West Bengal.

The opposition was accused of taking advantage of the previous "embargo" on Sheikh Shahjahan's arrest by the opposition, according to Trinamool Congress spokesperson Kunal Ghosh, who celebrated the arrest of the party leader on Thursday. Shahjahan is accused of torturing villagers in the volatile Sandeshkhali area. The arrest was made possible only after the Calcutta high court cleared the way. Additionally, Kunal Ghosh asserted that TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee had previously noted that the West Bengal Police had been prohibited from acting because of certain provisions of the court's ruling.

However, the Bharatiya Janata Party called the arrest "scripted" and asserted that he was in the West Bengal Police's safe custody.

Sheikh Shahjahan was detained on Thursday morning, according to the police, on charges of allegedly raping women and stealing land in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal. According to the police, Sheikh Shahjahan was apprehended from his hiding place, a house in the Minakhah neighborhood of North 24 Parganas district.

He couldn't be taken into custody at first because of a legal quagmire. But the West Bengal Police carried out their duty when the court made it clear that there was no stay on his arrest. Kunal Ghosh told news agency PTI that the opposition had previously taken advantage of the restriction on his detention.

As our leader Abhishek Banerjee previously noted, the state police have been unable to act because of certain provisions of the high court's judgment. Following Abhishek Banerjee's identification of the issue, the high court lifted the limitations, allowing the police to operate freely. According to Kunal Ghosh, news outlet ANI, "We had complete faith and trust in the police. We said within a few days, you would see the result, and today Shahjahan has been arrested."

The CBI, the Enforcement Directorate (ED), or the West Bengal Police are authorized to detain Sheikh Shahjahan, according to a ruling made on Wednesday by the Calcutta High Court.

The Trinamool Congress declared that it does not absolve offenders and that Sheikh Shahjahan would be apprehended in seven days after the high court ordered police to arrest him on Monday.

He claimed that because we were confident in the state police's abilities, we had stated that he would be detained in seven days.

The Bengal police had been holding Sheikh Shahjahan in "safe custody" since Tuesday night, according to the opposition BJP, which described the arrest as prearranged.

The state police and the TMC were the ones providing the offenders with cover. As part of a well planned narrative, he has now been detained, according to BJP state spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya.

Sandeshkhali unrest

About 100 kilometers from Kolkata, the riverine Sandeshkhali area borders the Sundarbans and has been the focus of protests for more than a month due to accusations of sexual abuse and land grabs against Sheikh Shahjahan, who is fleeing, and his supporters.

Following allegations of land grabbing and sexual assault against Sheikh Shahjahan and his allies, along with the local TMC strongman eluding law enforcement since a mob attack on Enforcement Directorate officials on January 5, the violence broke out.