Vivek Ramaswamy to spend a day at Donald Trump's side in hush-money trial

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Vivek Ramaswamy to spend a day at Donald Trump's side in hush-money trial

Former US President Donald Trump and Indian-American presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy are expected to appear in court in New York on Tuesday. According to Fox News, he would have Trump at his side the entire day throughout the hush-money trial.

In a statement, Ramaswamy stated, "The best evidence that the Trump trial is a farce is that they would still be prosecuting and have an even stronger case if DJT had done the exact opposite of the alleged crime."

Ramaswamy, who has long been regarded as a possible Trump vice presidential contender, has publicly denounced the spate of cases brought against the former president. According to him, there has been a deliberate attempt to prevent Trump from taking office again by using the criminal justice system as a weapon.

"Everyone of these prosecutions... is backfiring," Ramaswamy declared in an April appearance on Fox News' "Hannity." These folks have had enough of being misled. He continued, "They're tired of the lawfare."

I've spoken with a number of Democrats who disagree with Donald Trump on a wide range of issues but who think that using the legal system to force your opponents into extermination is not appropriate in this society.

Trump's allies rally in court

Along with the biotech entrepreneur, supporters in the courtroom were US Representative Nicole Malliotakis of New York, US Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, and US Senator JD Vance of Ohio.

In the criminal trial, Trump has also been supported by Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird. Just last week, US Senator Rick Scott of Florida was present in court with President Trump.

Vance stated, "It is a shame that the president is unable to address the fact that every individual charged in this case is essentially a Democratic political operative."

Prosecutors argue that Trump's former lawyer and "fixer," Michael Cohen, paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to bury her accusations of having an illicit affair with him. This is the key point of contention in the case against Trump.