After India became 219/7, Dhruv Jurel 'couldn't sleep,' and his father was 'perplexed' following his son's Test cap

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After India became 219/7, Dhruv Jurel 'couldn't sleep,' and his father was 'perplexed' following his son's Test cap

Dhruv Jurel, the newest phenomenon in Indian wicketkeeping, has admitted that he was staring down the end of the barrel and couldn't sleep the night his side was struggling. Day 2 ended with India struggling at 219/7, well short of England's first-inning total of 353. The final recognized hitter standing was Jurel, who was unbeaten at 30, and Kuldeep Yadav, who was unbeaten at 17, in his company. With three wickets remaining and India down by 134 runs, another collapse looked certain.

Rather than give England another chance at victory, Jurel made a career-best 90 runs in just his second Test match, sharing 73 runs with Kuldeep. When it could have been much more, he batted well with the tail to get India to 307 and cut the deficit to 46. Speaking to Jio Cinema's "Match Center Live," the 22-year-old said he was preoccupied with ideas of helping India go closer to 353 on Saturday night and couldn't sleep.

Last night, I had trouble falling asleep. All I could think about was how I could help the squad, add runs, and spend more time in the center. Even while I was at the wicket today, all I could think about was how many more runs I could score and how much less the other team would need to chase. Putting your trust in the tail-enders is crucial. He stated, "You have to give them confidence in their batting, stay at the crease, and give them the impression that this is possible."

After replicating his exploits from the first inning in the second and helping India cross the finish line, Jurel became the talk of the country. Jurel and the whole team celebrated as he hit the winning runs and savored the occasion. However, there were two more individuals whose joy had no bounds: Dhruv's mother, who sold her jewelry to make sure her son's wishes came true, and his father, who faced, absorbed, and put up with taunts from the neighborhood.

Jurel displays the parents' response.

Upon informing my parents of my squad selection, I felt compelled to share the news on social media due to their joy. Despite her lack of knowledge, my mother was aware that the game was intended for Indian players. In addition to being too sentimental, my mother is afraid of me leaving and doesn't watch much cricket. Jurel said, "She just knows how many runs I scored and the catches I took."

I was staring at everything that seemed to be moving slowly at that precise moment, thus it was a very important moment for me. My parents were emotional and ecstatic. It was becoming a reality—playing Test cricket was a childhood fantasy. My parents have a strong spirituality. I called my dad about the match, and he didn't understand. He advised dedicating the runs you score to the gods.